We’re giving away our wheels! 

Are you looking for a new ride? Enter now to Win Our Wheels!

We’re giving away our 2018 Ram 1500 from Your Prairie Ram Retailers

Enter now for a chance to be one of our finalists, and win your invite to our exclusive truck giveaway party at Club Regent Event Centre on December 15!

The big giveaway party is coming up fast!

Listen 3 times daily to see if you’re one of the lucky finalists who could take home our 2018 RAM 1500 Sport 4×4 from your Prairie Ram Retailers.

Here are the finalists so far:

Don Pottras
Christina Maendel
Kyle McIvor
Jimmy Gonzales
Brent Daurie
Lynda Trudeau
Barbara Weishaupt
Allison Hastings
Allan Grimshaw
Heather Benjamin
Roderick Devega
Keith Wery
Michael Caus
Kelsey Brueton-Campbell
Olga Marisenko

Sarah Klimack
Gary Friesen
Rick Kaye
Helen Mintac
Mary Lavigne
Mike Kressock
Louis Matyus
Zac Minuk
Kate Wiebe
Alex Garry
Cheryl Andre
Darren Nowakowski
Dave Harrison
Linda Daly
Andrew Boychuk

Walter Pastuch
Teresa Hallem
Ron Lounsbury

All the finalists will win something from our great sponsors:
Club Regent, Prairie Ram Retailers, Budget Blinds, Winnipeg Airport Authority, Rainbow Stage, Peasant Cookery, Cellar Dellar, and Cranked Energy.

And one lucky finalist will Drive home in our 2018 Ram 1500 4×4!